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      【航宇大講堂】Hot Topics in Aircraft Design - Winglets, Electric Flight, Box Wing - Where are the Benefits?



      報告題目:Hot Topics in Aircraft Design - Winglets, Electric Flight, Box Wing - Where are the Benefits?

      報告人:Prof. Dieter Scholz (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences)





      Global warming has become a reality. Aviation has only a small share in total human CO2 production, but the aviation industry feels the pressure to do something. Reducing CO2 output means reducing fuel consumption. This has been the goal ever since. Nonplanar wings are a possibility to reduce induced drag (drag due to lift). Winglets are the well-known devices to reduce induced drag when span is limited. A Box Wing Aircraft (BWA) extends the idea. Electric propulsion would enable flights without emitting CO2. Are winglets, BWAs and electric propulsion answers to aviation's pressing questions? The presentation will explain why the answer is: No!


      Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Scholz is the Professor for Aeronautical Engineering and the Head of Aircraft Design and Systems Group at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. His research interests include aircraft design, aircraft systems, flight mechanics, flight test and aircraft stability & control. More about him can be found on http://www.ProfScholz.de.